We are pleased to inform our customers that RAFIX is proud to join VALLET his mother company. This will take place since 2017 january the First

The goal of this merging is to develop RAFIX products range with all the necessary support

For all information you may need, feel free to contact RAFIX team at contact@rafix.fr


For more than 5 decades, RAFIX company design and manufacture in France premium products including stainless steel quick release couplings for indutry.
The developpement of the products is based on a patented spring type locking which ensure an incereased macanical coupling
Currently, RAFIX as an SME is present on the market of Nuclear Energy, Process and Fine Chemicals and also Cosmetics.

Today, RAFIX proposes a part catalog of more than 3 000 references, all on resuest customizables (design, material,...)


Contract Manufacturing

RAFIX is also a company of contract design and machining for precision parts.